Another look
Regenerative medicine, the future of medicine.

Pr Barbara Hersant MD PhD

Plastic and maxillofacial surgery department. Breast center. Henri Mondor Hospital. Créteil 94010, France
Pr Barbara Hersant

Tissue regeneration has been defined as the reactivation of developmental processes to restore missing or suffering tissue.

Regenerative medicine has emerged from a variety of disciplines, such as surgery, organ transplantation, biomaterials science, engineering and stem cell biology.

It allows the replacement or regeneration of human cells, tissues or organs to restore or re-establish normal function.

Research in regenerative medicine is increasingly integrating the relationships between tissues, organs and systems, and even the body as a whole. 

This systems approach leads to therapeutic strategies designed to have multi-level effects.

It is complementary to the molecular approach designed to identify and target single genes or proteins.

There are many approaches to regenerative medicine, ranging from the application of a single molecule or peptide to the engineering of entire organs.

In this issue, we will discuss different strategies of skin regenerative medicine.