LM 1 23 Hair grafting.

Another look at aesthetic hair health. Therapeutic procedures. Innovations in hair regenerative medicine. David Poisbleau, MDService de Chirurgie Plastique et Maxillo-Faciale, Hôpital Henri Mondor, Créteil Based on presentations by Sophie MENKES, MD, Byong SEUNG CHO, MD, CEO of ExoCoBio Lofti BENSLAMA, MD Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), follicular stem [...] cells and hair regeneration.

LM 1 23 Eliminating glasses with lasers. Jean-Pierre ROZENBAUM

A different view of aesthetic eye health Changing your look by doing away with glasses thanks to lasers THE REVOLUTION OF RÉFRACTIVE SURGERY Jean-Pierre ROZENBAUM, MD Ophthalmic surgeon specializing in refractive surgery Member of the Académie Nationale de Chirurgie "Eyelash extension by INSTITUT LAUGIER". Certification recognized and registered RS 6147. Introduction Refractive surgery [...]

LM 1 23 The new facelifts . Jean-Paul MENINGAUD

Another look at facial aesthetic health The new facelifts. Pr ean-Paul Meningaud,MD. Under pressure from aesthetic medicine, facelifts have become less and less invasive and, above all, more effective. When I was a student, facelifts consisted solely of lifting and pulling the skin. The scars were considerable. Patients [...]

LM 1 23 With Renuvion. Béatrice LAFARGE CLAOUÉ

ANOTHER LOOK AT AESTHETIC HEALTH OF THE FACE First approach to remodeling the neck and facial contour using RENUVION or J plasma Dr Béatrice Lafarge Claoué Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon Past president of SFCE Member of SFCEP and ISAPS Former medical director of Clinique Alphand Our patients [...]

LM1. Therapeutic Procedures. Lipoedema: clinical aspects and treatment. Thomas WITTE MD, Falk-Christian HECK MD.

 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Lipoedema: clinical aspects and treatment. Thomas WITTE MD, Falk-Christian HECK MD. LipoClinic Dr. Heck, Zeppelinstr. 321, D - 45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr, info@lipo-clinic.fr Abstract Lipoedema is a high-impact demographic disease whose characteristics have often been highlighted. Liposuction is - independent of the health insurance company's judgement - the only [...]