Good practice in the preparation of human blood-derived biological products such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Antoine TURZI, President of REGENLAB 

Good practice in the preparation of human blood-derived biological products such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Antoine TURZI President of REGENLAB Innovative new therapies characterized as autologous (organic substance whose donor and recipient are the same individual) are finding their way onto the market. Their preparation depends on the use of special devices [...].

Severe corneal ulcers. Contribution of autologous platelet gel (RegenWound®) . Pr Merieme HAROUCH, MD. & all.

LM LE JOURNALREVOIR LA SANTÉ ESTHÉTIQUE DU REGARD Eye aesthetics and regenerative medicine Contribution of autologous platelet gel (RegenWound®) to the treatment of severe corneal ulcers: 10 initial cases. Prof. Merieme HAROUCH (1) *, MD. Safaa JIHAD, Younes ALLOU (2). (1) Centre Casablanca Laser Vision, Centre Casablanca Cornée-Kératocône (2) Laboratoire de Biotechnologie Médicale à [...]

The impact of digital on aesthetic medicine and surgery. Vincent Laeuffer.

ACTUS. Everything you want to know about the impact of digital technology on medicine and cosmetic surgery. Vincent LAEUFFER Expert in new technologies. ARCHIMEDE ACADEMY Introduction In recent years, the field of aesthetic medicine, which encompasses both non-invasive therapies and surgical procedures to improve physical appearance, has [...].

With Renuvion. Béatrice LAFARGE CLAOUÉ

ANOTHER LOOK AT AESTHETIC HEALTH OF THE FACE First approach to remodeling the neck and facial contour using RENUVION or J plasma Dr Béatrice Lafarge Claoué Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon Past president of SFCE Member of SFCEP and ISAPS Former medical director of Clinique Alphand Our patients [...]

AIME PARIS 23: World Day of Creativity and Innovation! JP MENINGAUD

EDITORIAL AIME PARIS 23: World Day for Creativity and Innovation! Pr Jean-Paul Meningaud President of AIME Scientific Director of L&M Dear friends and colleagues in aesthetic medicine, today is World Creativity and Innovation Day! On this special day, we wish to celebrate the ability of our [...]

LM 2 News. Medical treatment of lipoedema. Post on Facebook of Pr Barbara Hersant

Pr Barbara Hersant - Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery t0Son51g2 s9h64m301d (click to go to the post on Facebook) MEDICAL CONSERVATIVE THERAPY IN LIPEDEMA As lipoedema is an incurable disease, medical therapeutic management does not aim at a permanent cure. However, it aims at:>Salving the symptoms >Slowing down the progression of the disease There are several [...]

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