LM 1. EDITORIAL Look & Medicine: a certain look at the service of self-image. Pr Albert-Claude BENHAMOU.

The author discusses the editorial line of this new journal. Its red thread follows all the developments of the concept of aesthetic health, in an approach: transversal, multidisciplinary, scientific, practical, ethical, interactive. "Look & Medicine" is a digital magazine, on paper and online. Keywords: self-image, aesthetic medicine, aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic surgery, scientific cosmetology. [...]

LM1. EDITORIAL Quality of life and well-being Dr Michèle Verschoore

Dr Michèle Verschoore

Quality of Life, Well-Being and Aesthetics Dr. Michèle Verschoore Dermatologist, Sabouraud Center Paris, Medical Director L'Oréal Research and Innovation. Clara Gicquel Sci. Master, L'Oréal Research and Innovation. ABSTRACT Regardless of the region of the world, and throughout history, aesthetic practices have been a constant for humanity. This phenomenon generally concerns more [...]


Aesthetic health based on scientific evidence

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