LM 1. SIGVARIS video announcement

https://vimeo.com/manage/471467432/general This specific part Be cautious once you're writing the essay that you don't use too many adjectives or too Although many students are intimidated by article writing, it can really be a fun and fulfilling https://www.affordable-papers.net/ experience. many synonyms that might seem like the words which someone else may type. is broken into [...]

LM 1 21. The artistic mouth. Dr Jamal DJOUDI

"Another look at the artistic mouth" Dr. Jamal DJOUDI Aesthetic and anti-aging physician Summary A beautiful and luscious mouth is the dream of almost every woman. The demand for aesthetic medicine is growing, especially among young people. However, between unrealistic expectations and questionable or even failed results, it is clear that the conception of [...]

LM1. How to quantify photoaging due to ultraviolet radiation. Pr Philippe HUMBERT.

FACE ASYMMETRY ENABLES QUANTIFICATION OF PHOTO-AGEING DUE TO ULTRAVIOLET RAYS Pr Philippe Humbert Abstract This study highlights the role of photoaging and predominantly lateral ultraviolet exposure as a determinant of facial asymmetry. Photoaging is a phenotype of an individual that is considered as the part of aging related to the ageing process.

LM 1. Aesthetic phlebology. Dr Jean Marc CHARDONNEAU. Editor in chief of L&M.

https://vimeo.com/manage/471467432/general OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE BEAUTY OF THE LEGS, HEALTH AND AESTHETIC PHLEBOLOGY "The worst enemy of the beautiful arts is a tired leg". Raiberti In the XIXth century, in the middle of the romanticism of Victor Hugo and Lamartine, Raiberti, doctor and poet of the city of Milan, understands at that time that the legs are the most important element of the [...]

LM1. EDITORIAL Quality of life and well-being Dr Michèle Verschoore

Dr Michèle Verschoore

Quality of Life, Well-Being and Aesthetics Dr. Michèle Verschoore Dermatologist, Sabouraud Center Paris, Medical Director L'Oréal Research and Innovation. Clara Gicquel Sci. Master, L'Oréal Research and Innovation. ABSTRACT Regardless of the region of the world, and throughout history, aesthetic practices have been a constant for humanity. This phenomenon generally concerns more [...]

LM1. Female genital rejuvenation: innovative medical treatments. A still taboo subject. Dr FABIENNE MARCHAND LAMIRAUD

https://vimeo.com/manage/471448737/general#privacy https://vimeo.com/manage/471463511/general Contribution of innovative medical treatments for female genital rejuvenation. Dr Fabienne MARCHAND-LAMIRAUD Gynecological surgeon and aesthetic gynecologist. Elsan Santé - Atlantic Center for Aesthetic Medicine. Avenue Claude Bernard Porte D, level 1. 44800 Nantes- Saint Herblain. drmarchand@polyclinique-atlantique.fr Abstract Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation is booming thanks to innovative medical techniques [...]


Aesthetic health based on scientific evidence

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