Management Committee

Pr Albert-Claude Benhamou
Pr Albert-Claude BENHAMOU


Dr. Jean-Marc Chardonneau
Dr. Jean-Marc Chardonneau
Editor in chief
Professor Jean-Paul MENIGAUD
Scientific Director


Pr Barbara HERSANT
Editorial Director
Dr Patrick BUI
Director of the Scientific Committee 

Scientific Director

Pr Jean-Paul MENINGAUD, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Head of Department, APHP Créteil.

Editorial Director

Pr Barbara HERSANT, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon 

Editor in Chief

Dr. Jean-Marc CHARDONNEAU, Vascular and aesthetic physician

Director of the Scientific Committee

Dr Patrick BUI, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon

Members of the Scientific Committee

Dr Jean-Pierre AMSELLEM, Aesthetic doctor.
Dr Benjamin ASCHER, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon.
Dr Martine BASPEYRAS, Aesthetic dermatologist.
Dr Lakhdar BELHAOUARIPlastic and aesthetic surgeon
Dr Luc BENICHOU, Aesthetic doctor.
Dr Philippe BLANCHEMAISON, Vascular and aesthetic doctor.
Dr Hugues CARTIER, Aesthetic dermatologist.
Dr Isabelle CATONIAesthetic Dermatologist.
Me Bertrand DE HAUT DE SIGY, Lawyer.
Dr Jamal DJOUDI, Aesthetic doctor.
Dr Sébastien GARSON, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon.
Dr. Ewa GUIGNE POSZEPCZYNSKA, Dermatologist.
Dr Jean HEBRANTAesthetic doctor, Brussels.
Dr Philippe KESTEMONT, Plastic surgeon, Nice
Dr Christine LAFFORGUEPresident of the French Society of Cosmetology.
Dr Jean-Jacques LEGRAND, President of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SFME).
Dr Jean-Michel MAZER, Dermatologist, Laser Expert.
Dr Catherine OLIVERES GHOUTI, Dermatologist.
Dr Michèle PELLETIER, Aesthetic dermatologist.
Dr Noel SCHARTZ, Aesthetic dermatologist.
Dr Sandrine SEBBAN, Aesthetic doctor.
Dr Thierry Van HEMELRYCK, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, 
Dr Michèle VERSCHOORE, Dermatologist and pharmacologist.    
Dr. Frédéric VIN, Phlebologist.
Dr Sammi ZERROUKVascular and aesthetic physician.

Aesthetic health based on scientific evidence

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