Clinic: Neck aesthetics with regenerative medicine


Cellular Matrix® by Regen Lab


Sutha Aesthetics is proud to offer you the evolution of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) with the added boost of HA (hyaluronic acid).

PRP is a well-known healer and sealer (not a filler) that regenerates tissues and can reverse ageing by reconstructing the skin.

PRP's growth factor release is controlled by HA, which prolongs the acceleration of new tissues and creates space for cell movement.

This helps to regulate and stimulate fibroblast migration, proliferation, and then collagen production, making the combination more effective than PRP alone.


I use a Cellular Matrix® device which cleverly blends PRP and HA in a single tube.

I do this by safely using a 22G needle or 70mm cannula placed in the deep dermis area of the skin.

The needle or cannula will be inserted at a slanted, 30 to-45 degree angle, following the direction of the wrinkle (if addressing a specific wrinkle). 


For this 56-year-old client, I used Cellular Matrix® for neck rejuvenation, over the course of three sessions spaced three to four weeks apart.

This has given my client a volumetric lift which has reduced the appearance of neck draping, while achieving perfectly natural results. 


Aesthetic health based on scientific evidence

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