L&M: FOR A CHANGE OF OUTLOOK Prof. Albert-Claude BENHAMOU President of the French National Academy of Surgery Editor of LOOK & MEDECINE

LOOK & MEDECINE/L&M" magazine has become a partner of the "Assises pour l'Innovation en Médecine EsthétiqueAIME" to change the way we look at the right to aesthetic health for all!
Dear readers and web surfers,
We are delighted to share with you the editorial adventure of "L&M", which began 3 years ago and continues with great enthusiasm.
We are convinced of the importance of creating a new information, dissemination, training and innovation service for practitioners and manufacturers of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine and surgery, dedicated to all areas of "aesthetic health", which are constantly the focus of numerous innovations both in France and worldwide, and which it is essential to know, evaluate, explain and apply.
This will enable us to provide the right response to the needs of our patients of all ages and both sexes, provided we can change the way we look at their new health right: "the right to aesthetic health".
Patients must be able to benefit from this right, provided that the solutions proposed to them are based on a rigorous scientific approach, on evidence, on "EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE" and on the effective, universal practice of uncompromising medical ethics.
To achieve these goals, "L&M" has found a strong point of convergence with the plastic and aesthetic surgery team at Henri Mondor University Hospital, Paris Est Créteil University, led by Drs. Professors Jean-Paul Meningaud and Barbara Hersant, who are members of the Académie Nationale de Chirurgie. 
They share with "L&M" the same outlook on the aesthetic health of their patients in their hospital-university practice. "L&M is fortunate to benefit from their expertise in the fields of innovation and scientific and educational research in aesthetic medicine, which is particularly evident in the Assises. "AIME PARIS" and "AIME MARRAKECH".
And it's this synergy between "L&M" and "AIME" that makes it all possible. which has led us to build a solid partnership that will showcase innovations in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine and surgery, both nationally and internationally.
The two versions of "L&M" - the print version in French and the web version in English, Spanish and French - are complementary, and this certainly explains the rapid popularity of "L&M".
Lhe first three issues of "LM" (which could be produced during and after the COVID 19 period) were an extraordinary success.
Site portal traffic statistics www.looketmedecine.fr  speak for themselves:
  • LM N° 1 2021, published in March 2021, recorded 1,282,176 page views over 120,000 sessions.
  • LM N° 2 2021 in September 2021 recorded 1,368,739 page views in 136,415 sessions.
  • LM N° 3 2022 in November 2022 recorded 531,749 page views over 20,507 sessions..
These excellent audience statistics confirm our editorial choices for 2023. 
Significant support from our friends at IMCAS is a further encouragement.
Equally important is the renewed and strengthened partnership with renowned industrial laboratories.  Thanks to VIVACY, REGENLAB, VASER, LOREAL, A SWISS GROUP SA, who contributed to the creation of L&M.  
We hope you enjoy this N°1 issue of 2023.

Aesthetic health based on scientific evidence

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