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The value of the cosmetic consultation in the medical office

Isabelle Milès

Founder of La Bulle de Bobolina, cosmetic training and consulting center.

With the multitude of distribution channels, new trends and the latest favorites of bloggers and instagrammers, it is now difficult to make a choice that is truly adapted to your skin when choosing a cosmetic product.

Long gone are the days when women (and men too) remained faithful to their creamer all their lives. 

And yet, since the dawn of time, women have taken care of their skin in order to seduce, and in search of eternal youth, they smear themselves with precious ointments, perlimpinpin powder and other beauty secrets.

Times have changed and now, just by walking through the door of a cosmetic medicine office, we can regain a serene face, smooth features and a new youthfulness in a few minutes.

Why are these patients willing to entrust what is most precious to them in terms of physical appearance to these medical centers?

Confidence! Trust in their doctor but also in their assistants, and it is often to them that patients confide in the safe cocoon of the treatment room. Today, doctors have a plethora of means at their disposal to improve skin problems and skin aging in a very effective way.

Nevertheless, the best of the devices and the best of the injectables will not be enough to maintain the skin on a daily basis.

Indeed, a daily skincare routine judiciously adapted to the skin is the secret to take care of its texture but also to continue to stimulate cell regeneration and therefore to magnify the acts.

The proof is that the patients' requests at the end of the consultation are: "Now what can I put on my skin Doctor?" "What cream do you recommend?" The answer to these questions is not as simple as "Put on a moisturizer" ....

Indeed, offering a complete skincare routine, perfectly adapted to the skin to beautify it or correct its defects while respecting its nature requires not only a mastery of how the skin works, but also a knowledge of the skincare products on the market and a lot of psychology.

You will tell me that all this takes time. I agree and this is where the teamwork within the practice between the doctor and his assistant comes in. Because the doctor can delegate part of this consultation.

If the assistant has the knowledge to do this, it will be enough for the doctor to make a diagnosis and the assistant will take over to guide the patient towards the best care routine for his skin.

According to the type of skin, the different skin conditions and the synergy of the aesthetic acts in progress, the assistant will know how to combine with finesse several products for a complete routine.

Moreover, thanks to a little psychology, let's not forget that "The face is the reflection of the soul (Pratima Raichur), the assistant will be able to answer perfectly to the desires of her patients following their addiction towards Cosmeceuticals or The Less is More.


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