The author discusses the editorial line of this new magazine. 

Its red thread follows all the developments of the concept of aesthetic health, in an approach:

  • cross-sectional,

  • multidisciplinary,

  • scientific,

  • practice,

  • ethics,

  • interactive.

"Look & Medicine" is a digital, print and online magazine. 


Keywords: self-image, aesthetic medicine, aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic surgery, scientific cosmetology.

It is my great pleasure to present the first issue of the new magazine "Look & Medicine dedicated to aesthetic medicine, aesthetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery and scientific cosmetology.

"Look & Medicine is to serve health care professionals who are dedicated to promoting and/or restoring the best possible aesthetic health of patients.

All these disciplines, which are increasingly interconnected and transversal, offer diagnostic and therapeutic methods that are constantly evolving.

It is therefore necessary to make them known and learn them with the most modern and interactive training tools possible.

We hope that "Look & Medicine will be part of these new attractive and user-friendly training materials, which are currently lacking. 

"L&M" a medical journal dedicated to "aesthetic health

The "concept of care" in the context of "aesthetic health" takes into account the "concept of self" where "self-image" plays a predominant role.

This concept of care of today's medicine must integrate an aesthetic dimension in the practice of all medical acts.

Because the patients' demand, whether explicit or not, is constantly increasing, even demanding. 

- It is most often a question of responding to a request for aesthetic care aimed primarily at correcting the negative effects of aging of the tissues, whether they are surface or structural.

- We often speak of transformative medicine and anti-aging medicine, which has its place, but which is not exclusive, because it is also a matter of correcting birth defects or acquired defects deemed unsightly, even in young subjects, and more and more so in women as in men.

- But it is also about actively participating in the early prevention of tissue aging by integrating hygienic and dietary measures, sports and cultural activities within the framework of wellness medicine. 

The negative effects of the body's appearance that are considered unsightly are felt as suffering: it is legitimate and ethical to try to respond to them in the least aggressive and most durable way possible.

Health professionals trained in these disciplines are able to listen attentively and positively to patients who are looking for the best medical and/or surgical solution for aesthetic purposes.

This medical solution chosen with care and tact will allow the patient to be in agreement with his idealized and corrected body image in phase with his expectations.

Dr. Jean-Marc Chardonneau is the editor of the new magazine "Look & Medicine" with the help of a Scientific Committee composed of renowned personalities both in France and internationally.


Aesthetic health based on scientific evidence

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