« What is superfluous, this thing so necessary !  » Voltaire


Voltaire, a sharp pen of the  French “Century of Lights”, with this literary quotation has erected the foundations of aesthetic medicine and well-being ! 

According to the sociologist Serge Guérin, 45% of French women over 50 consider that aesthetic medicine is a necessity and not a luxury. 

The evolution of the lifestyles of our contemporaries in the space of two decades has favoured a new societal model: pleasure has become a lifestyle and age is no longer taboo and it is no longer a cliché.

At the same time, the creators of advertising spaces are selling us happiness as being intimately linked to beauty.

In this score, the role of the medical and surgical practitioner is to orchestrate with beauty, well-being and anti-aging medicine. He has to manage the equation of a new « 3.0 medicine « :

  • He has today and tomorrow to be an actor in the real and digital world,

  • An aesthetic and anti-ageing discipline is in constant evolution thanks to the progress of products and technological devices for diagnosis and treatment,

  • The aesthetic demand from patients increasingly connected, is more and more important.

  • While taking into consideration even more than in other disciplines, the personality of the patient, is a major  new parameter to have in our mind.

Information and know-how are crucial for  “aesthetic health therapists »: this will be the DNA of our “Look and Medicine” magazine ».

New in the medical press the  “Look & Medicine review » will be the new medical journal specialized on well- being, aesthetics and anti-aging.

L&M also wishes to be an interface between the patient and the therapist in the service of the pedagogy of medical decision making.


The editorial line of “Look et Medicine”

will focus on several thematic sections 

  • « News »: we feel it is important to share with you, new therapeutic procedures, clinical research, etc.

  • « Cosmetics”: it is taking an ever-increasing part in our activity and, conversely, few doctors are experts in cosmetology.

  • « My first steps in aesthetic medicine”: this is a section for our younger colleagues who frequently express the need for more and more information and know-how.

  • Therapeutic procedures and research articles”: written by authors recognized in their fields, they will have two main threads: science and pragmatism.

  • “Career paths and discoveries”: this will be another look at our activity, a varied section, combining the personal paths of those who have chosen medicine or cosmetic surgery, articles describing the tips and tricks of the most experienced in the art of aesthetic care, testimonials from our patients on their view of our activity and their expectations…


L&M will bring together the different worlds of aesthetics to work in mutual respect and to bring a true interdisciplinary approach to life:

  •  Cosmetic surgery,

  •  Aesthetic dermatology,

  •  Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine,

  •  Nutrition,

  •  Aesthetic phlebology,

  •  Medical ethics and aesthetic medicine,

  •  Legal expertise in these areas…

As a cosmetic doctor, knowing your needs and expectations, I will have the honour of being the editor- in-chief of “L&M” :

  • Medical science,

  • The know-how,

  • The desire to share the pleasure of reading richly illustrated texts, easy to access while being very knowledgeable, will be the guiding threads.

“Look & Medicine” will be distributed quarterly, exclusively addressed to doctors and steered by a high-quality scientific committee.

We hope that this new journal will allow you to keep in touch with your discipline and its evolution, which remains very rapid and constantly changing.

“L &M” will be very happy to count you among its readers. 

Thank you !!!


La santé esthétique fondée sur des preuves scientifiques

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